Chronic Fatigue Is In Your Gut, Not Your Head


Has your doctor told you that your chronic fatigue symptoms are all in your head?

Have you felt like you’ve been trudging through different treatments and remedies only to keep waking up tired every day?

Physicians have long been mystified by what they call “chronic fatigue syndrome”… the name they’ve dubbed for their patients who complain of constant debilitating fatigue that isn’t improved after rest.

I know the frustration and discouragement that you feel waking up exhausted every single day. You want answers.

While fatigue may be a normal result of a busy and/or vigorous lifestyle, chronic fatigue is something very different. Chronic fatigue is an issue that doesn’t go away after a good night’s rest. It is something that sits on top of you like a weighted blanket everywhere you go, and is usually accompanied by symptoms such as:

Loss of memory
Poor concentration
Sore throat
Enlarged lymph nodes
Unexplained muscle pain
Severe morning fatigue
Extreme exhaustion that doesn’t subside
Muscle twitching
Excessive sweating
Joint pain
Long term flu-like symptoms
Poor temperature regulation

An exciting new study published in Science Daily has found a link between your GUT BACTERIA and your chronic fatigue!

Turns out – it’s NOT ALL IN YOUR HEAD.


Check out the blog for all the details, plus a delicious recipe!

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