Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Stress, Burn out, Learning to Manage your Emotions Better, Exercice


Syndrome de fatigue chronique, stress, burn out, gestion des émotions, exercice

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    From: Toby Morrison <>
    Sent: Wednesday, November 9, 2016 4:11 PM
    Subject: Why mindset is so important for recovery even though it is not all in the head!

    Hey Friend,

    Being a past sufferer and having experienced first hand the GREAT SUFFERING
    one endures through M.E/CFS. I have to say the one thing that actually
    was the turning point of my life and always will be through good times
    and bad!

    I literally almost quit on life. I don't say that lightly. I remember
    saying to my mum one night when I was in so much pain, "I don't want to
    be here anymore."

    At the the time I had no idea that mindset was important, I was just
    trying to survive the pain and suffering I was experiencing at that

    Now what happened was two years of suffering, two years of uncertainty and no hope until one thing shifted.


    You see at the time I thought I couldn't control anything, either my body
    or my mind. But what shifted was even though I can't control my body all
    the time, I can control how I think and how I feel. I can control my
    outlook on life regardless of whats going on.

    Now I am not saying M.E/CFS is in your head. IT'S NOT. But lets not down
    play the hard emotional slog it is to stay alive. YOU and I both know
    how challenging it can be at times when you have severe LEG pain, when
    you can't get out of bed for days, when it's hard to even eat!!!

    But when my mindset shifted and I realized I could change my thinking and my outlook. MY Dark outlook slowly turned into a better one.

    One I could see a future for.

    And over a period of two years of slowly doing the right things, Physically and mentally I slowly got my life back step by step.

    Beliefs create thoughts, thoughts create ideas, ideas create our reality and vice versa. 

    If we constantly tell the same story, we will get the same outcome. Because that story you are telling is dictating your every move, your every action and all your behaviors. 

    If someone thinks their life sucks, regardless of how good or bad it is, how do you think they would act and behave?

    If someone thinks their life is great regardless of their struggles and circumstances how to do you think they will act and behave?

    Big difference from one tiny thing!!

    Admitting you need help in this area is tough because you have to take responsibility. 

    But once you get help with it your whole world can change.

    I designed a holistic program thats help you with all the physical stuff and also the mental stuff.

    If you want help just email me and we can have a chat!

    Being scared is normal, but don't let that dictate your choices!

    Toby Morrison