Headache Cure Video – Headache Cure Remedies (Hindi)


Headache Cure Video – Headache Cure Remedies:-
For Headache Cure Almonds and ginger are best supplements. Rosewater and vinegar is also very good for headache treatment.

Headache Cure (How to cure headaches) :
1. Eat some almonds when you feel headache (or daily). Almonds are very good for health of head. Therefore eating almonds daily is a permanent cure for headache.
2. Soak a towel in Rosewater and Vinegar. Place this towel on your head. It gives relief in headache immediately.
3. Cut few pieces of fresh ginger. Boil them in a glass of water. Drink this ginger tea.
Ginger tea is a very good and instant headache treatment which cure headache permanently.

What is headach?
Headache is the pain felt in head or upper neck of the body.

Headache Causes:
Common causes of headache are tight muscles in shoulder, neck, scalp and jaw.

Headache symptoms :
Pain in head, forehead, scalp or upper neck are the main symptoms of headache.

Tips for Headache cure :-

Do’s :
1. Do light stretching exercise of shoulders and neck.
2. Massage on head.
3. Drink plenty of water.

Don’ts :
1. Don’t get any kind of stress.
2. Don’t consume very much caffine.

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Try above remedeis and treatments for headache cure.