Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: February 2014 Update


Thank-you for watching!
I apologize for the first few minutes of footage being out of focus not sure what happened but the rest of the video is fine 🙂

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This is a update on my health as I struggle living with CFS,
I believe I have a mild case compared to other people but it still impacts my life in a huge way. I wanted to share my story to connect with other CFS sufferers. Nobody seems to know that much about CFS even though many people have it. Hopefully through these videos people who don’t suffer can get a better understanding of what we Chronic Illness sufferer’s go through.

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: I am no way a medical expert or professional on the subject at all. I am only sharing me experience and my symptoms in a attempt to help people, relate to people who have it and to explain to friends and family what i am going through. I am no way moping or complaining about my life or saying i am any worse off than anyone else. Everyone has something in there life and this is mine. 🙂 Also wearing make-up helps with the under eye bags.